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Individual Training Sessions
I work with you one on one to help you get to your goals. Each workout will be designed to target every part of your body focusing on both cardio exercise and resistance training. Individual training allows you to get more specialized attention than a group setting and gives you more personal time to work with a trainer.
Progression Fitness Services
At Progression Fitness, we make sure to provide our customers personalized training services that are specifically designed for their personal goals. The first step in fitness is walking through that door! Let's get started! 
Partner Training
Partner training allows you most of the benifits of the individual training sessions but you get to experience fitness with a friend or family member. In partner training both clients will go through the same exercise routine at the same time. If one client is more advanced than the other, I can custom tailor the exercise to fit different fitness levels. 

Group Boot Camp
These boot camps are designed to maximum oxygen consumption and calorie burn! Simply put, you will work your tail off! These classes are designed for multipule people and different type of fitness levels. In these boot camps client will rotate from one exercise after another with little rest in between. Not only will you be put through a faster paced workout, you will be working out in a positve group environment where everyone in the group supports each other.
Online Workout Program and Nutrition Consultation 
Are you the type of person that can be motivated and accountable on your own? Do you have the drive and determination but you're just missing a plan of action? If this is you then my online workout program may be the best option for you. My programs a broken down into fitness levels: Beginner, Advanced, Expert. Each fitness level has a variety of different programs that will help you progress through the current level so that you can reach the next level.  Each program last 6 weeks and will offer additional online support.